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The COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges to the ballroom dance industry that felt overwhelming and without solutions. How do we continue to learn without partners? Without being able to meet together? How do we perform? Amidst the different and ever-changing regulations and safety precautions, our students and staff continued to do what they love any way they could–virtual classes, rehearsals in parking lots, and filmed performances instead of theater shows. Here’s what we learned: we can adapt and carry on together.

These unique routines showcase the ingenuity and dedication of our dancers and choreographers to continue an activity they love and find beauty within the adversity! From learning choreography virtually, to outdoor rehearsals, to filmed performances for all to watch and enjoy, we are proud of our students and what they have accomplished!

Senior Solo Performance Video

This exciting performance video is a senior solo by our graduating student (in 2021) Renee Siemers. It was made in collaboration with former OBD student Adam Blanchard. Renee says, “Sometimes life is hard and even the little things can wear you down. This piece is to remind us to let it go and light it up! Remember that life is what we make of it. Live every moment to the fullest.”

Cha Cha routine performed by Renee Siemers and Adam Blanchard. Choreography by Adam Blanchard. Video by Adam Blanchard and Callie Choate.

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